Online tools for EVS hosting organizations: how to improve our work with adult volunteers

Foundation 42 invites you to join online free webinar on the topic „Online tools for EVS hosting organizations: how to improve our work with adult volunteers“ on 22.06.2017, at 12:00h CEST (Belgrade, Zagreb, Skopje, Tirana, Podgorica, Pristina, Sarajevo) / 13:00h EEST (Sofia, Athens, Bucharest)

Within 40 to 60 minutes we will introduce the participants to the topics:

  • how to recruit new arrival volunteers, paying particular attention to conducting an online interview, questions that may be useful to you and the information you provide to volunteers;
  • online tools for communication between volunteers and mentors – how to organize and how to improve YouthPass work (Key Competences Assessment)

If you would like to join it, please send an e-mail to: Iva Todorova, specifying the name of the participant and the name of your organization.


To participate is a MUST to have available:

  • Computer with good Internet connection and Windows or MacOS operating system;
  • Have a Camera and a Microphone – At the beginning of the webinar, according to the requirements of the financing institution, it is necessary to introduce yourself by turning on the camera and telling your organization. In case you do not have camera and microphone, you will have the opportunity to look for a compliant computer until the end of the webinar.

We invite you to be ready to join at 12:45 so we can start the meeting at 13:00.

In case you have any problem with the inclusion, you can contact us – 0883455537, Iva Todorova and 0885728080 Alexander Kumanov.