Без краен срок: Global Debates

The Open Society Youth Initiative encourages students to engage in critical, reasoned discussion about issues important to their lives and communities and to advocate for positive change around the world. We support debate programs and events in higher education and for young people around the world in any language.
Global Debates was launched in 2011 to strengthen debate programs at colleges and universities around the world. The goal is to help engage students in the policy issues that will have a lasting impact on their future. This $20-million program will, among other things, provide up to three years of funding to colleges, universities, and other educational institutions to promote and integrate debate across disciplines. Grants are available for institutions that have either very small debate programs or none at all. Grants are also available for institutions seeking to promote public debates within the broader communities that they serve.

Debate Organized by Consortia of Colleges and Universities

Support for consortia of colleges and universities working together to organize large-scale debate in national or global contexts.
Debate Sponsored by Departments and Schools within Colleges and Universities
Support for debate as an extracurricular or co-curricular activity of departments and schools inside a college or university.
Debate in Student Clubs and Societies
Support for debate in student clubs and societies in ways that go beyond competition to encourage authentic civic engagement.
Debate Events
Support for university debate events—both new and existing—around the world in any language.
Online Debates
Support for organizations in using a new platform to create online debate tournaments.