Текущо: Protection for victims of human trafficking in the Balkans

Краен срок: ТЕКУЩ

The AVoT project provides support for NGOs that assist the trafficking victims in the Balkans, builds their capacities, and reinforces their co-operation with the public bodies in the fight against trafficking. The project also conducts awareness activities at the national and European level in order to extend the rehabilitation possibilities offered to these victims.

Two lines of action are implemented:

– Trafficking Victims Re/integration Programme (TVRP): support to programmes that result in sustainable reintegration of victims, build NGO capacity in this sector, encourage cooperation and synergies with government agencies and contribute to a systematic approach to monitoring and evaluating reintegration services. Funding has been granted on the basis of an action plan to pre-selected NGOs in Southeastern Europe. Since 2011, this project has been implemented with the support of and with the cooperation of GIZ ( Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit ).

– Awareness actions with decision-makers in order to raise European standards in the fight against trafficking and to promote an approach centred on human rights and the victims. Funding has been granted to a pan-European coalition aimed at mainstreaming access to justice for victims of trafficking or forced labour and more especially financial compensation for material and non-material damages.

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