MLDI Funding and Support for NGOs

The Media Legal Defence Initiative (MLDI) is accepting proposals from organisations across the world who seek funding for legal assistance or litigation activities that safeguard or advance media freedom.
As part of their work to help build a strong global legal defence network for independent media, MLDI makes grants to support organisations and projects that deliver legal support to journalists. Currently MLDI funds a small number of organisations based in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Central Europe, Africa and Central and South America. Their aim is to expand this network and achieve better local-level access to legal assistance for independent media outlets, journalists and bloggers who lack the financial means to access legal support at commercial rates.
Grants awarded by MLDI are usually for a 12-month period and range in size between GBP5,000 and GBP25,000.
MLDI is open to grant proposals from national organisations to pursue one or both of the following activities:
Provide legal assistance for independent journalists or media outlets who face legal proceedings because of their work;
Engage in strategic litigation to bring local law and practice in media cases in line with international standards on freedom of expression.
Priority will be given to proposals that respond to a demonstrated need on the ground, increase the geographical coverage of the Media Legal Defence Initiative and are likely to have a high impact on protecting media freedom.
Please note that the Media Legal Defence Initiative does not provide funding for employment-related litigation.
The application form and guidelines can be downloaded by clicking here.

Please contact if you have any questions.

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