PlanetRomeo Foundation


To qualify for funding, projects must meet PlanetRomeo Foundation’s vision and funding strategy.

In its funding policy the Foundation has a preference for projects initiated by the LGBT community itself. These projects should aim to involve, mobilize and activate that same community. Precedence will be given to projects which have either less or no access at all to mainstream sources of funding.

In its efforts to support small-scale community based projects the Foundation strives for a good balance between accessibility, quality and maintaining a standard in project accountability.

What projects do not qualify?

PlanetRomeo Foundation considers health as an important issue. However, over the last years this theme has increasingly become the domain of many different, both nationally and internationally operating, professional organizations, each with their own specific expertise. For this reason the Foundation does not give priority to this theme. This means the subject of health can be part of a request for funding, but not its main focus.
PlanetRomeo Foundation is cautious about funding requests from organizations that have primarily political or religious aims. An exception is being made for initiatives in countries and regions where religious institutions are interlinked with and in support of the local LGBT communities. This also goes for projects which aim at challenging the religious opposition, i.e. religious institutes or persons who undermine LGBT rights.

The Foundation is reluctant in supporting commercial organizations and projects where financial profit is a goal. Also funding requests that focus primarily on overhead costs, running costs, fundraising costs or activities aimed solely at promoting an organization are not eligible for funding.

Which amount may be requested?

The minimum amount that can be requested is € 500, the maximum contribution that can be applied for is € 5,000.